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Velotype VOF

logo_velotype1Velotype VOF is a small company, founded by Wim Gerbecks and Sander Pasveer in 2009. It is the only company in the world that produces and sells the Velotype PRO© keyboard. The Velotype keyboard is a chord keyboard, suitable for many different languages. This ergonomic keyboard allows the user to type at the speed of speech with a minimal effort.

Besides the keyboard, Velotype VOF develops other products for realtime captioning solutions. Such as the Velotype Academy. Software learning how to use the Velotype Pro© keyboard. VeloNote, a special developed text editor, specially designed realtime text interpreters. VeloTitle, live subtitling software for television. And Text-on-Top©. This USB device enables text interpreters a lot of flexibility in live subtitling situation. Wireless sending text to a presenter’s laptop and presenting it in the form of subtitles on top of any application.

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Korea Steno Co., Ltd (Korea)

logo_Koreasteno_smallWe Korea Steno Co., Ltd developed CAS shorthand keyboard in 1994 first in Korea.

We not only have maintained the number 1 spot with the highest pass rate in national Korean shorthand examination but also held an unchallenged position in fostering stenographers. With captioned TV programs in terrestrial broadcasting starting from KBS, the public broadcasting since 1999, we also have played a key role in expansion and development of captioned broadcasting in Korea and in welfare improvement of the hearing-impaired.

We are a leading company in shorthand field and jump into the first-class shorthand company in various fields such as shorthand keyboards, captioned broadcasting systems, subtitle for digital films, real-time image shorthand in many events at home and abroad.

We will introduce smarter shorthand keyboards and related technologies at this 2015 Intersteno congress, so we ask you to make sure to visit.

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logo_stenograph1Stenograph is dedicated to supporting the court reporting community and its programs. The company is the number one manufacturer and marketer of shorthand writers and computer-aided transcription software, offers online continuing education and provides other industry-related supplies. For more information please contact Stenograph at 1.800.323.4247 or visit them online.

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