Associated Members

Associated members of Intersteno approved by the General Assemblies

Several associations applied for membership in the INTERSTENO federation. According to Article 5.5 of the Statutes, the involved National Groups, if existing, were informed in due time about the application for memberships. No objections or remarks arrived.


Nicole Gangolf – Luxemburg

Teacher since 1986 At present: Teacher in ” Maacher Lycée, Grevenmacher ” (L) Priority subjects: Office management, project management, word processing, commercial correspondence, young entrepreneurship Teacher educator and trainer from 1989 – 2005 Involved in Luxembourg school reform from 1990 – 1994 Member of the board of Luxembourg school development project in “Maacher Lycée, Grevenmacher” from 2005 – 2012 Member of the European “Comenius” school project “Be your own boss” from 2006 – 2009 (Countries involved: Luxembourg, Germany and Romania) Member of “Association des Enseignants en Techniques de Communication et d’Organisation asbl” (AETCO). AETCO represents luxembourg teachers for management and business. mail  


GZOS (Russia)

GZOS is the only Russian stenography training centre, established in 1941. Through their membership of Intersteno the GZOS hopes to get more worldwide information on shorthand, typing and business organization. The activities of the GZOS are teaching and distant teaching of shorthand, typing and business organization. e-mail  


Linda Drake – USA

Freelance and official verbatim reporter utilizing speech recognition; past president of National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA); member of NVRA and NCRA, jury assistant for the Intersteno realtime competition. She founded in 1990 with her business partner, Laurie Axtell, the Drake Reporting, a freelance court reporting firm in Savannah, Georgia.  


Gloria Kipuni Tsaka – Canada


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