Associated Members

Associated members of Intersteno approved by the General Assemblies

Several associations applied for membership in the INTERSTENO federation. According to Article 5.5 of the Statutes, the involved National Groups, if existing, were informed in due time about the application for memberships. No objections or remarks arrived.

STENO TRAN SERVICE – Lynda Johansson – Canada

CSRAO of Ontario, Canada, President of StenoTran, NCRA participation in firms’ convention in West Palm Beach, USA, ongoing development of software to better the profession.  

Stenomedia – France

SténoMédia is the result of common interests of a stenotypist with international experience, and two researchers on automatic language processing. The goals of this company are: * to include the latest scientific developement in speech recognition technology, into stenotype. * to offer an efficient and cheap solution for stenbotypist who want to improve their abilities in realtime reporting. e-mail  

Nicole Gangolf – Luxemburg

Teacher since 1986 At present: Teacher in ” Maacher Lycée, Grevenmacher ” (L) Priority subjects: Office management, project management, word processing, commercial correspondence, young entrepreneurship Teacher educator and trainer from 1989 – 2005 Involved in Luxembourg school reform from 1990 – 1994 Member of the board of Luxembourg school development project in “Maacher Lycée, Grevenmacher” from 2005 – 2012 Member of the European “Comenius” school project “Be your own boss” from 2006 – 2009 (Countries involved: Luxembourg, Germany and Romania) Member of “Association des Enseignants en Techniques de Communication et d’Organisation asbl” (AETCO). AETCO represents luxembourg teachers for management and business. mail  


GZOS (Russia)

GZOS is the only Russian stenography training centre, established in 1941. Through their membership of Intersteno the GZOS hopes to get more worldwide information on shorthand, typing and business organization. The activities of the GZOS are teaching and distant teaching of shorthand, typing and business organization. e-mail  

Sumino Takahiro – ALL JAPAN TYPISTS – Japan

Japan Japanese typist, won the national competition for six consecutive years. Founder and Chairman of ALL JAPAN TYPISTS. Technical Advisor for Mainichi Typing National Contest. ALL JAPAN TYPISTS (AJT), represented by Mr. Takahiro Sumino, established in 2003, aims to promote the expansion of typing industry. The major activities of AJT are teaching how to type fast, researching techniques, cooperating in designing a keyboard and supporting holding typing events. E-mail : Website : (Japanese only)  

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers – USA – Michael Tannenexecutive director

AAERT is the national professional association for electronic / digital court reporters and transcribers in the United States. We provide information, networking opportunities, specific best practices guidelines, and related in-service training resources. Administering certification examinations for E-Reporters and E-Transcribers is a major Association function, with testing conducted nationwide. Through The Court Reporter, our quarterly e-newsletter, we review technical and other developments in the field to benefit both public- and private-sector practitioners. Please visit our website at to learn more about the Association and our Annual Convention. e-mail: Michael Tanner  

Linda Drake – USA

Freelance and official verbatim reporter utilizing speech recognition; past president of National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA); member of NVRA and NCRA, jury assistant for the Intersteno realtime competition. She founded in 1990 with her business partner, Laurie Axtell, the Drake Reporting, a freelance court reporting firm in Savannah, Georgia.  


The National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) is a non-profit, professional membership organization, representing voice writing verbatim reporters in the USA. Official court reporters, deposition reporters, broadcast captioners, providers of real time communication services for the hearing-impaired are members. Voice writing verbatim reporters make real time records of spoken words and actions using speech recognition and other related technologies. – email  


Realtime STENOvations (Canada)

Software for the serious court reporter: digital Cart software and equipments.  

Mr. Richard Flament (USA)  


Based in Padua, this company offers realtime services with stenotype and automatic transcription of sound files. Several of its reporters took succesfully part in Intersteno competitions. e-mail  

Ms. Judy Henderson (USA)


Ms. Linda A. DiMonte (USA) – e-mail  

Calabro Reporting Services LLC (USA)

Calabro Reporting Services is a full-service court reporting and closed captioning agency located in Tucson, Arizona, offering realtime court reporting. Since 1990, they have served the Arizona legal system, the University of Arizona, and broadcast television — using the latest technology for the highest quality product, with the most dependable performance. All court reporters use computer-aided transcription systems. They specialize in medical, technical and complex commercial litigation. e-mail  

Ms. Linda Lee Barry (USA)

Linda Lee Barry, CVR is the President and Founder of Lee & Associates, a full service court reporting agency located in Braintree, Massachusetts. Lee & Associates currently has several stenographers serving a wide variety of clients throughout Massachusetts. Ms. Barry is a graduate of Aquinas College and earned her CVR in 1996. Ms. Barry served for several years as a board member of NESVRA and is the immediate past president of the organization. She is also a member of the National Verbatim Reporters’ Association. Ms. Barry has participated in numerous court reporting gatherings — recently she served on the committee for the national convention of Voice Writers (NVRA) in Boston. She also participated in the 44th Congresso Intersteno in Rome, Italy in the summer of 2003. Recently she has upgraded to real-time and is pioneering new advances in voice writing. e-mail:  

Sténofac Inc – Montreal – Canada

Well known and acknowledged in the legal environment thanks to its professionalism, SténoFac benefits from state-of-the art armamentarium to meet the highest standards since its inception in 1997. SténoFac is also recognized for its expertise in long term proceedings and daily transcripts. SténoFac is at the forefront of solutions to clients’ expectations, relying upon resourceful personnel working as a team to deliver timely and accurate transcripts. e-mail  

STENOTYPE GRANDJEAN – Kremlin Bicêtre – France – e-mail:  


No profit association since 30 years mainly devoted to education with stenotype (Grandjean technology) e-mail:    

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