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   Report of the IPRS meeting in Shanghai, October 22nd and 23rd, 2014
    Report of the IPRS meeting in Gent, July 14th and 15th, 2013
    Report of the IPRS meeting in Prague, September 29th – October 1st, 2012


Presentation slides and notes


  A survey about audio recording systems in the parliaments of Europe 
– Presentation by Niklas Varisto and Kalle Niemimaa (slides and notes)
    Reporting questions in the Sicilian Parliament 
– presentation by Fabrizio Verruso and Dario Savalli (slides and notes)
    The production of parliamentary reports – A research about the methods used in different countries 
– Presentation by Giulia Torregrossa (slides and notes)
   Touch typing: better spelling and writing 
– presentation by Henny van der Meijden and Mariëtte Tesselhof



  Authenticity and Linguistic Principles in Parliamentary Reporting – Remarks Inspired by Roberto La Rocca’s Presentation 
– presentation by Eero Voutilainen
   Dicta and acta at the Italian Senate Assembly reports and tweets: two different roles 
– presentation by Giulia Torregrossa (slides and notes)
   Eduksi – new information technology for parliamentary reporting 
– presentation by Maarit Peltola and Pauliina Peltokorpi
   Hansard editing in a live stream era. Does availability of (live) streams influence editing? (workshop) 
– presentation by Jasmin Geijteman (slides, notes and workshop questions)
   Interruptions in Parliamentary Reporting 
– presentation by John Vice, Editor of Debates, House of Lords
   Live and on demand broadcasting in Japanese Local Parliaments 
– presentation by Takeshi Usaba
   Post-Reporting Services at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the Information Age 
– presentation by Ayşe Yedekçi
   The short web report 
– presentation by Wouter Zwijnenburg (slides and notes)
   Theory and praxis of parliamentary record construction. Towards a ‘universal grammar’ of parliamentary reporting? 
– presentation by Roberto LaRocca



  From black art to black gown – Parliamentary reporting training in the House of Commons, London 
– presentation by Lorraine Sutherland, head of the parliamentary reporting office of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom
   The History of Shorthand and the Evolution of Shorthand Machines 
– presentation by Dominick M. Tursi, Shorthand Historian, Director – The Gallery of Shorthand, Long Island, New York, USA
   Limits of the Applicability of New Technologies: The case of Turkish Parliament 
– presentation by Ayşe Yedekçi
   Rules of Reporting: The Principles of Representing Spoken Discourse in the Records Office of the Finnish Parliament 
– presentation by Eero Voutilainen, Maarit Peltola, Teuvo Räty & Niklas Varisto
   The Status of Electronic Reporting in North America 
– presentation by Randel Raison, President of IAPRT
   Verbatim Report of Proceedings – Working in 24 languages 
– presentation by Olivier Danjoux, European Parliament
   VLOS vs 2.0, the next level in reporting 
– presentation by Herbert Houdijk and Matthijs Bakker


Other documents

  ECPRD inquiry 
– subtitling live stream (video) for plenary sessions and/or committee meetings



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