Intersteno Council

The Council is decisional body of the Federation. It consists of one delegate from each National Group, one delegate for Associated Members, one delegate for Individual Members, and the Board.

The Council shall evaluate, amend when necessary, and approve the proposals of the Board. The council elects the Jury President, the chairman of the Scientific Committee and all the other Members of both the Jury and the Scientific Committee.

The council meets once every year and may make decisions in line with those of the General Assembly.

Council members after Council Meetings in Maastricht 2022

updated as at 05/01/2023

Nation Group – website E-Mail
Argentina Mr. Victor González vhgonzalez32 @
Austria  Mr. Martin Springinklee martin.springinklee @
Belgium Ms. Agnes Coeckelberghs agnescoec @
China  Intersteno China
Mr. Tang Keliang liaoqing41 @
Croatia HSD
Ms. Andrea Wawrzynek andrea.wawrzynek @
Czech Republic  Interinfo ČR
Mr. Jaroslav Zaviačič jaroslav @
Germany  Intersteno Deutschland
Ms. Annemarie Mersch annemarie.mersch @
Finland Mr. Jari Niittuinperä jari.niittuinpera @
France  Intersteno France
Mr. Jean-Charles Le Masson jclemasson @
Hungary  Intersteno Hungary
Ms. Anita Dobos anitadobos0725 @
Italy  onA.I.R. – Intersteno Italia
Ms. Elena Graziosi intersteno @
Japan Mr. Tsuguo Kaneko tsuguo.kaneko @
Korea  Korea Stenography Association  
Ms. Son Sookja stenokor @
Luxembourg (Grand Duché de) Ms. Nicole Gangolf nicole.gangolf @
Poland  Interinfo Polska

Mr. Krystian Wawrzynek

krystian.wawrzynek @
Switzerland  Groupement national suisse INTERINFO
Mr. Raffaella Signorelli rsigno @
Slovak Republik Ms. Anna Škovierová askovierova @
Spain to be nominated  
The Netherlands  Interinfo Groep Nederland
Ms. Joke Bakker joke.m.bakker @
Türkiye FEBIDER F Klavye ve Bilgi İşlem Derneği – Intersteno Türk
Mr. Seçkin Köse seckinkose49 @
United Kingdom British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR)
Mr. Ian Roberts iroberts @
USA  National court reporters association (NCRA)
Ms. Virgene Biggers virgenebiggers @


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