Scientific Committee

The Intersteno Constitution, adopted in Rome 2003 and approved in Prague 2007, introduced the Scientific Committee. As stated by its article 16, the tasks of the Scientific Committee are: 

  • to monitor scientific and technological developments in the Federation’s domains of activity;
  • to carry on research, educational, and professional projects;
  • to establish contacts with researchers, educators, and professionals around the globe;
  • and organise DIAMESIC, the yearly Intersteno Conference, together with the IPRS.

The chairperson of the Scientific Committee is ex officio member of the Board. 

The Scientific Committee is composed of the following researchers, educators and professionals: 

CHAIR: EUGENI Carlo   Italy


Germany LE MASSON Jean-Charles  France
BRAVO Jorge  Argentina QING Liao  China 
DISSER Monika  Germany ROTZ Allen USA
ERAS Henk-Jan Netherlands SALINAS Sergio Argentina
HAN-WOO Kim South Korea  TANG Kewei China
INOUE Miyako Japan VICE John  UK
KANEKO Tsuguo Japan VOUTILAINEN Eero Finland
KAWAHARA Tatsuya Japan ZAVIACIC Jaroslav Czech Republic

Currently, the Scientific Committee is working on several projects:

  • Language Comparison Project: a new system used to compare the different Intersteno languages during world championships based on the relationship between phonemes and graphemes (LeMasson, Eugeni);
  • ISA, Intersteno Shorthand Archive: creation of an accessible archive of digitised publications on shorthand teaching, professions, systems, and investigation (Bravo, LeMasson, Neubauer);   
  • Communication Project: investigating Plain Language and other Easy to Understand strategies to improve communication in international settings (Eugeni, Rotz, Aktürk);
  • Professions Certification: a set of internationally recognised certifications for various fast-writing professions, like (live) subtitling, speech-to-text interpreting, (live) reporting (Bernabé, Wawrzynek); 
  • Touchtyping Education: updating the teaching situation around the world with an inventory and appreciation of the available training on touchtyping (Zaviacic, Bernabé, Qing, Varga);
  • Tiro: the journal of professional reporting and transcription, publishing news on court and parliamentary reporting,  TV and conference subtitling, and other forms of transcription (Voutilainen, Eras, Vice, Eugeni);
  • DIAMESIC: the Intersteno conference on parliamentary and other professional reporting, subtitling and accessibility jointly organised with the IPRS (Eugeni, Schwarz).

The documents produced by the Scientific Committee until 2014 can be found here. The programmes of the previous conferences organised by Intersteno and the last editions of DIAMESIC can be found here:
Wien 2005, Prague 2007, Beijing 2009, Paris 2011, Ghent 2013, Budapest 2015, Berlin 2017, Cagliari 2019.


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