About Intersteno

Intersteno is an evergreen worldwide community uniting all those using a full range of speed writing methods to quickly produce high quality texts

INTERSTENO is the trademark of International Federation for Information and Communication Processing, a no profit Association founded in London in 1887. After the second world war, Marcel Racine, from Switzerland brought the Association to a new live life.

Even though it was formed in 1887 concentrating mainly upon professional shorthand, Intersteno has been able to keep pace with the technological and social changes brought about in the last century.

Since its beginning Intersteno had a world-wide vision, inviting people all over the world to join the national groups which now represent all continents. In addition, its interests are not linked to a specific professional status since it embraces teachers as well as professional reporters, secretaries and parliamentary reporters, using any technology of fast writing.

Steno lovers, as well as keyboarding champions, stenographers with steno machines and verbatim writers are all welcome.Within Intersteno they can exchange ideas and experiences, competing on level terms at national and international championships. All these technologies are today supported and integrated by informatics.

‘Intersteno people’ are clever, open-minded and alert persons who enjoy using their skills as personal or professional productivity tools, which play an important part in the multi-media communication processes of our times. Intersteno people (over 4200 now)receive an e-news Intersteno letter on regular basis.

Intersteno congresses and competitions (now available also via Internet) are important events attended by at least 500 people from all continents.

Our Mission

The domains of activity of Intersteno are:


Capturing the spoken words in all environments and by different techniques and technologies and presenting it in various formats to various cathegories of users.


Processing texts and text related data for communication purposes.


The professional skills needed by all persons having a secretarial function.

INTERSTENO aims to provide an international forum to all people who work as professionals, are interested or study to become professionals in one or more of the domains of its activity.

The Statute revised in Prague 2007, indicates at point 2 the aims of the Federation:
Intersteno promotes international thinking and understanding among people of all nations and stimulates mutual understanding of the cultures and values in the countries of its members concerning its domains of activity.
  • organize world championships and other international contests in its domains of activity;
  • to associate people in all countries occupying themselves with one or more of the domains of activity of the Federation;
  • to encourage the maintenance of high standards of competence and performance of the people meant in art. 2.5.b by using the most appropriate means;
  • to promote the use of new technologies and proper technical research which can help to enhance services offered by members of the Federation;
  • to co-operate with national and local governments¸ non governmental organizations or international public and private agencies such as Unesco;
  • to collect and to spread information concerning its domains of activity¸ including information about the experience of professionals among its members working in co-operation with local governments¸ public institutions and private companies;
  • to organize congresses and conferences;
  • to advance joint studies concerning its domains of activity;
  • to defend the professional interests of its members.


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