About Intersteno

Intersteno is an evergreen worldwide community uniting all those using a full range of speed writing methods to quickly produce high quality texts

Even though it was formed in 1887 concentrating mainly upon professional shorthand, Intersteno has been able to keep pace with the technological and social changes brought about in the last century.

Since its beginning Intersteno had a world-wide vision, inviting people all over the world to join the national groups which now represent all continents. In addition, its interests are not linked to a specific professional status since it embraces teachers as well as professional reporters, secretaries and parliamentary reporters, using any technology of fast writing.

Steno lovers, as well as keyboarding champions, stenographers with steno machines and verbatim writers are all welcome.Within Intersteno they can exchange ideas and experiences, competing on level terms at national and international championships. All these technologies are today supported and integrated by informatics.

‘Intersteno people’ are clever, open-minded and alert persons who enjoy using their skills as personal or professional productivity tools, which play an important part in the multi-media communication processes of our times. Intersteno people (over 4200 now)receive an e-news Intersteno letter on regular basis.

Intersteno congresses and competitions (now available also via Internet) are important events attended by at least 500 people from all continents.



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