49th Intersteno Congress – Ghent 2013

49th Intersteno Congress – Ghent 2013

From 13th to 19th July 2013 more than 500 participants gathered in Ghent (Belgium) at the occasion of the 49th INTERSTENO congress.

They came from about 30 countries, from all over the world and spent exciting days in this stunning city, accompanied by excellent summer weather, which is definitely not so obvious in Belgium. Two Belgian associations, Academie voor Bureauwetenschappen in the North of Belgium (ABW) and Association des Professeurs de Secrétariat-Bureautique, in the South (APSB) welcomed more than 500 participants to the 49th INTERSTENO congress.

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Competition Texts

Entire text and audio files of all the competitions.

Congress Program

You may view the entire program of the 49th Intersteno Congress.

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