Counting Syllables

Counting syllables is needed in text preparation for text dictations according to Intersteno rules.

It is a time consuming activity which is now helped by software.

Some discussions may arise about the way in which syllables are counted in the different languages, for this reason there is not (at least at the moment) an universal method and software for this counting.

Here you can find information about tools available for the different languages.

If you are acquainted with other software, please send an information to



This software is suggested by Jari Niittuinperä who is responsible for speech capturing competition in Prague.

It is available on line at this link

It is mainly intended for Finnish, it gives as result a text syllabicated by syllable.

It can be used also for other languages, provided the user makes the necessary adjustements when the syllabication is not the right one.


Syllable counter.

Information about availability of this software was given by Dave Rogala.

The software is available on line at this link.

It gives total counting  of texts up to 2000 words.

Additional information (number of words – syllables per words – characters etc. are also given)


Silbenzäler by J. Schönfelds –

This software offers different ways of preparing texts:

– 20/40 syllables per line

–  counting per speed in the minute, and subdivision by quarters etc.

For additional information please click here



This software counts Italian texts according to the following criteria:

– syllabication of the whole text by each syllable of the word, general counting and syllables per word ration

–  counting per group of syllables (according to a value given by the user)  with of without syllabication for each word

–  counting according to the Intersteno columns – division by quarters.

This software is only available as a service, free of charge for paying members of the Italian group of Intersteno.

You can send your text to be counted, as an e-mail attachement at the address



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