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Internet Contest 2024

Internet Contest 2024

This competition is the most important international championship.

It is open to students from public, private schools or associations and for seniors who register through their Intersteno National group.

The certificate received by successful participants is an important asset for professional life.

The goals are to foster proficiency in the use of the keyboard and to engage young people in fair and healthy competition with their peers all over the world. Each competitor can compare his results with those of other participants of the same age category not only in his native language, but also in foreign languages.

Thanks to this competition, schools are able to show their presence on the Web at the international level about a useful ability at any learning level. It is clear that a professional approach in keyboarding is a basic competence useful in any type of school and helps to fulfill the growing demand for producing documents and communicating with the aid of computers and tablets.

The contest consists of ten-minutes of text entry, using special software available on the website (in Taki and ZAV formats).

Grading in accuracy and speed are done according to internationally agreed-upon standards based on long experience and intensive investigations.



Two types of championships:

  • Mother tongue: Competitors indicate one of the languages they participate in as their “mother language” and it is compulsory to compete in this language.
  • Multilingual competition: competitors take part in 2 or more of the 17 available languages on the Taki & Zav software. Only one attempt per each language is allowed. If several national versions of one language are available (for example German and German for Switzerland), or if the languages are very similar (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin) the competitor may use only one of these language versions.

Results are ranked according to the following age categories:

  • children: up to 12 years (born in 2012 or after),
  • pupils: 13 – 16 years (born in 2011, 2010, 2009 or 2008),
  • juniors: 17 – 20 years (born in 2007, 2006, 2005 or 2004),
  • seniors: older than 20 years (born in 2003 or earlier).

To qualify competitors must perform within the following limits:

Min. char./minute
Max. % errors
1 %
1 %
1 %
0,5 %

Participation fees

  • 5 euro for participation only in the mother tongue,
  • 7 euro for competitors writing in two or more languages.

The fee must be sent before 25th April 2024. Please contact the Intersteno representative in your Country or, if there is no representative, please send your money directly to:
Intersteno, Kapellestraat 124, BE-8020 Oostkamp, Belgium
IBAN: BE53-0682-3189-0853
To non-European countries we suggest to transfer payments using: Paypal.

Read more for all the Rules of the Intersteno Internet Contests

It is attended every year by more than 1500 participants all over the world.

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Country Representatives

Country representative
Contest responsible
Argentina Mr. Victor González Mr. Victor González vhgonzalez32 @
Austria Mr. Martin Springinklee Mr. Martin Springinklee martin.springinklee @
Belgium Ms. Agnes Coeckelberghs Ms. Georgette Sante (French) gsante @
Ms. Agnes Coeckelberghs (Dutch) agnescoec @
Canada   ask to jury president gsante @
Croatia Ms. Andrea Wawrzynek Ms. Nikolina Vicković Žubi andrea.wawrzynek @
nikolina.vickovic @
Czech Republic Mr. Jaroslav Zaviačič Ms. Helena Zaviačičová jaroslav @
helena @
Finland Mr. Jari Niittuinperä   jari.niittuinpera @
France Mr. Jean-Charles Le Masson Mr. Jean-Charles Le Masson jclemasson @
contact @
Germany Ms. Annemarie Mersch Mr. Uwe Brüdigam Annemarie.Mersch @
Uwe.Bruedigam @
Hungary Ms. Anita Dobos Mr. Tamás Tanai anitadobos0725 @
tanai0011 @
Italy Ms. Elena Graziosi Ms. Elena Graziosi intersteno @
Japan Mr. Tsuguo Kaneko

Mr. Tatsuya Kawahara
Mr. Takayuki Nakayama 

kawahara @
t.nakayama314 @

Luxemburg Ms. Nicole Gangolf Ms. Nicole Gangolf nicole.gangolf @
Poland Mr. Krystian Wawrzynek Ms. Teresa Wawrzynek krystian.wawrzynek @
teresa.wawrzynek @
Romania   Ms. Marcela Farcasiu marcela.farcasiu @
Russia Ms. Anastasiya Afonskaya Ms. Anastasiya Afonskaya contact @
Slovak Republic Ms. Anna Škovierová   askovierova @
Spain   ask to jury president gsante @
Switzerland Ms. Raffaella Signorelli Ms. Raffaella Signorelli rsigno @
The Netherlands Ms. Joke Bakker Ms. An Faaij-Nulle joke.m.bakker @
interinfoNLD @
Türkiye Mr. Seçkin Köse Ms. Sevilay Gündoğdu Durmuş seckinkose49 @
bilgi @
United Kingdom Mr. Ian Roberts Ms. Mary Sorene

iroberts @

United States Ms. Virgene Biggers Mr. Russell Page vkbiggers @
russellpagedc @

Gian Paolo TrivulzioNote from 2022: In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Internet Contest, the Intersteno Federation was honored to mark the occasion in loving memory of Gian Paolo Trivulzio (Italy), who was instrumental in establishing Internet contests and made distinguished contributions to Intersteno history.

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