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Welcome to Intersteno !

Intersteno is the worldwide federation

of people, companies, professionals, and associations who use writing, typing or voice techniques for producing text and reporting speeches, with the aim of processing communication, spreading information, and enabling public access to education and culture.

Intersteno was founded in 1887

and has since been a technology avant-garde, favoring comprehension and friendship among its fellows who come from various countries and use all types of professional tools.

Intersteno organizes world championships

of text production and speech capturing; hosts conferences and projects encouraging the enhancement of the profession; and cooperates with local and international agencies for enlarging knowledge, education, and training in the domains of its activities.
Uniting the worldwide community of those using a full range of speed writing methods to quickly produce high quality texts…

Ghent 2013 Video

2015 - Intersteno - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing