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07.10.2016 A new project started to implement IPRS-website into It will be launched in Q1 of 2017.
25.10.2015 All information and results of Budapest 2015 published in a new permanent template page.
15.02.2015 New Intersteno website launched with a new server, new software and new design by Grafela.
01.09.2014 Started to re-build entire software and design of the entire website by Grafela.
05.05.2014 A new project for the new Intersteno website was declared by Gian Paolo Trivulzio
10-10-2013 New welcome page arranged by Grafela is now on line
07-10-2013 Subtitles of several Conferences in Ghent have been released
05-10-2013 Logo for Individual members, prepared by Grafela, is released on the website
01-10-2013 The ‘welcome page’ appears as first in visiting the site. Grafic layout to be implemented by Grafela
10.09.2013 Ghent 2013 competition texts are now all on line
25.08.2013 Updated Associated Members and Join us pages according to the decisions taken in Ghent. Inserted link for Paypal page prepared by Danny Devriendt. Updated also the ‘Contact’ page
04-08-2013 Inserted podcasts on Conferences and IPRS video of the Ghent Congress (shoting and assembling done by Tiziana Trapani and Francesca Marchionne). English subtitles will follow.
25-07-2013 Started publishing the texts of the Worldwide competitions in Ghent. Layout of this page for 2012 and 2013 revised by Grafela (Emrah Kuyumku)
July 2013 Updated information and inserted photo and video links of the Congress
25.06.2013 Several layout improvements were done by Emrah Kuymku (quick menu – Archives etc.)
15.06.2013 Gradually inserted videos and documents for the Web-sessions of the Conferences in Ghent
10.06.2013 enews 58 released
10.04.2013 Updated General Conference and IPRS meetings pages, for Ghent 2013
30.03.2013 enews 57 released
03.03.2013 enews 56 is released.
01.03.2013 The news layout is publicly released.
12.02.2013 During the Board Meeting in London several suggestions were done on the layout made available in the test environement, and they were included (if possible) in the final layout. The most visited pages has been updated, others will follow when the layout is officially released.
15.01.2013 With the support of Grafela, several features of the new layout are updated
05.01.2013 Test for new layout. Revised the menus and submenus according to the structure decided on the Board and tested the links. Updated a few pages (English version) for checking the new features. Additional improvements are needed.
07.12.2012 e-news 55 released
03.12.2012 Published the English version of the rules for the Audiotranscription trial contest
27.11.2012 Published the English version of the rules for the competitions in Ghent
15.11.2012 Grafela releases the new structure of
25.10.2012 Updated the page of Associated Members according to the decision taken in Prague. Link for Paypal to be inserted after investigation from Danny Devriendt
28.09.2012 Marco Olivo transfers the whole contents to the Cloud environment as requested by our provider, this required a half day work and regular checks in the following two days.
10.09.2012 Sent another message to Le Masson for having a short curriculum to insert in the Board presentation
25.08.2012 Eliminated the Paris 2012 main menu, and inserted into the list of Congresses. Conferences moved to Scientific and education menu. Other adjustments to several pages are done.
01.08.2012 e-news 53 released, and published on this web site
31-07-2012 The Bonn office has approved the modifications decided during the Assembly in Paris. German version is available on the relevant page of our sit and in the reserved out for Council members, where also a comparison file is available.
30-06-2012 Updates for our web site (look and contents) is under investigation.
10-06-2012 Due to technical reason the enew 52 is release with delay. In the meantime also the n. 51 was published on this site.
31-05-2012 Texts and audio files of multilanguage competitions Paris 2011 are now on line. The total number of competition files from 2007 to 2011 on our server is 433, with a total weight of 1151 Mega
12-02-2012 Several improvments to features and management of Keyboarding competition via Internet, has been released after tests by several ‘old’ competitors.
04-02-2012 e-news 50 released to 4222 names, and published in this web-site.
21-01-2012 Marco Olivo starts a controlled migration of server contents from St. Louis (STL) to Chicago (ORD) datacenter owned by Rackspace. This will permit easy upgrades to cloud features if needed in a near future.
07-01-2012 Revised announcements for Internet 2012 in En and Fr version are on line
07-01-2012 On request of Ms Linda Horlings – Parliamentary e-news december 2011 is put on the main page of IPRS menu.
06-01-2012 Moved reports and speeches at IPRS meeting in Paris, to the new sub-menu ‘Events 2011’ of the IPRS main menu.
02-01-2012 Added sub menu with link to the website
14-12-2011 Rules for Internet 2012 in En-Fr-De revised by G. Sante, are now available on line.
08-11-2011 Released e-news49 and published on this web
02-11-2011 Increased to 20 the submenu voices.
25-10-2011 139 Paris competition texts are all on line now, with the exception of multilingual competitions which has not been received.
02-10-2011 Sub menu Glossary moved from main page to Scientific/Education Committee menu.
27-09-2011 Released e-news 48 and published on this web
15-09-2011 Text of speeches at IPRS meetings have been converted in html format and published. Not all of them are available at the moment.
27-08-2011 Text correction competition files files of Paris 2012, sent by Ms Waltraut Dierks are now on line.

Complete info about Beijing Congress (including links for the conferences – final report and video) is now available at the main menu Congresses, while the main menu Beijing 2009 has been deleted. is no more available.

14-08-2011 Files of Correspondence and Summary competitions, sent by Mr den Holder, are now on line.
08-08-2011 Complete report about IPRS meeting in Paris put on line. Texts of the speakers will be published as soon as they are available.
02-08-2011 Prepared new page for publishing files of the competition in Paris . Georgette Sante sent the files of text production and professional word processing, they are now on line.
30-07-2011 Updated the pages of the Council Members as well as the structure of Intersteno and contact page, following the decisions taken by the Assembly in Paris
28-07-2011 Added main menu of Ghent2013, and inserted integration to the website
June-July 2011 Several updates about program and conferences of Paris have been done. At the end of the Congress, classifications lists of the competition were published.
02-06-11 Paris2011 is shown as first page of the web-site
05-02-11 Inserted new training files in Italian – French and Rumanian for Internet keyboarding competition
15-01-11 Finished the update of software and opening registrations for Paris2011. Thanks to Laurent Dasthy, Georgette Sante and Marco Olivo for their cooperation on this task.
28-11-10 Started tests for the updates of registration software for Paris2001
15-10-10 Published reports of the IPRS and Education Commitee Members of Budapest 2011.
20-08-10 Created menu and sub-menu for Paris2011.
30-07-10 Inserted reports on Bruxelles meeting on Parliamentary reporting. Also ppt and document prepared by Fausto Ramondelli
30-06-10 New leaflet of Intersteno (12 pages) completed and printed for the NVRA and NCRA American conventions. It is available for download from the home page.
25-06-10 Updated pages of Council Members and Associated Members with a new table layout offered by Grafela.
20-06-10 Logos for Intersteno groups and Associated members, prepared by Grafela. Will be made available for download in the home page.
20-01-10 Inserted curriculum vitae members of Education Committee Members
30-12-09 The new layout of the site is on line. Graphical adjustments of some pages are needed
07-12-09 Added menus and 3 pages for Paris 2011.
29-11-09 Added page e-learning and self-study in the Scientific and education menu.
15-11-09 Added page ITC&Reporting in the IPRS menu
31-10-09 Tests and checks of the new lawyout and the pages in English are completed. Modifications of menu logic is still needed
20-09-09 Grafela (Turkey) with Marco Olivo made available the first draft of new layout of the site.
16-09-09 Texts and presentations of the conferences in Beijing are available. Also th reports of IPRS and Steno forum on education were published.
10-09-09 Texts and digital files of competitions in Beijing are available. On 25th September the few ones missing will be released.
20-08-09 Classification results published on Beijing and Competitions page
30-07-09 Added info about a new event ‘International Forum on Steno education’ only now announced by the Chinese organisation.
25-07-09 intersteno.if released by Danny Devriendt, for publishing individual results of the competition
15-07-09 Updated programme of the Congress for changes requested by the Chinese organisation
06-06-09 Updated info about the venue of the Beijing Congress and hotel, due to an unforeseen change from the previous one.


Released instructions to Jury coordinators, who can access full information about participants and competitors.


Opening of Congress registrations on web-site


Updated forms with final fees for last day tour – Translation into Czech is underway


Updated hotel, contact information and bank accounts pages.


Updated registrations forms according to the decisions taken in Tychy. Waiting final confirmation from China about registration fees.


Registrations forms are ready in English – German – French – Chinese also with update about competition formulas to be agreed at the Council meeting in Tychy


History of Intersteno Congresses – inserted file of 14 pages from Marcel Racine book. Menu Congresses.


Added page for WEB-TV to release live and recorded Intersteno events.


Liao Qing send back the translation in Chinese for the registration forms and related internal data


Decision is taken to have also the form on the therefore the Italian translations have been revised by Isa Crippa


Added album with photos about the visit of Devriendt – Sante andTrivulzio to Beijing


Modifications of Laurent Dasty are tested. Updated the translations. Demo will be possible in Beijing.


Laurent Dasty implements modification to the registration form for Beijing


Marco Olivo creates a test environement for the modifications that will be done by Laurent Dasty (BE) in cooperation with Georgette Sante


Tentative programme of Beijing 2009 is released


Updated menu Beijing 2009 for the various activities – A tentative


Updates and checks for recording competitor files of Internet contest


Released page with texts and sound files of world championships in Prague for a total of 287 Mega. Texts for Text-correction competition and Correspondence and Summary will follow soon.


The home page of the site is translated into Chinese by Liao Qing.


Grant permission to Chinese friend to autonomously edit, adding pages and menus.


Texts of Praga Conferences and related sound files are available on line.


Updated pages of Structures, Individual members and Individual Members list according to the decisions taken in Prague.


Marco Olivo releases full features for Chinese version of the web-site


Published the first announcement for Pekin Congress also in Chinese language


enews 23 was sent to 2221 names.


Marco Olivo checked the menu translations for Chinese language, everything OK.


992 competitors attended the VI edition of Internet contest.


In cooperation with prof. Marica Pirslin and Marija Prkut  tested and released training exercise in Croatian language. (Hrvatski)


Updated info on Prague Congress and moved menu as first info for visitors of our site


New document for competition rules released in English – French and German. Mr. Verruso and Evi Rossignoli aided Gian Paolo Trivulzio for translation into Italian.


For the first time Russian competitors of GZOS Russia are able to compete in the simulation competition via Internet.


In cooperation with GZOS Moscow, completed tests and released trainings exercises for Russian language.


Updated several pages with German version, thanks to cooperation of Uwe Drost, Schoenefeld etc.


e-news n. 19 released and .pdf format available on the site


Marco Olivo releases several updates for Keyboarding contest management also in order to smoothly manage classifications lists in accordance to the age categories of each competition.


Marco Olivo releases  5 new languages for keyboarding competition. Additional languages (Czech – Slovak and Russian) are under test.

29 -11-06

Tested 30 minute keyboarding competition with Java software, from one classroom of 16 students at the same time. Everything was OK.

28 – 11- 06

Updated info on programme Prague2007. Inserted link to

24 – 11- 06

Announcement of keyboarding simulation contest

23 – 11 – 06

Published  rules of Internet 2007


Beginning of tests  for additional languages of keyboarding training exercises – Portuguese – Romanian – Suomi – Hrvatski  -Magyar – Polnish

19 – 10 – 06

Georgette Sante in cooperation with Gabrielle Fasnacht, sent in several pages of the site with the updated version in French.


First draft ot rules for the V edition of Internet contest has been prepared in English, revised by Danny Devriendt and translated by Georgette Sante into French.


Updated welcome page – updated mailing list which now contains 2175 names and released n. 16.


Updated new link for France


Updated national links of Switzerland and Poland


e-news 16 will be issued as summary and the full contents will be available in pdf


Eliminated the IPRS news letters as requested by Cees van Beurden and inserted form for IPRS news letter subscription.
August 2006 Inserted new texts in several languages, mainly from Eu documents, for keyboarding training exercises in German, Italian, French, English, Spanish.


Updated the Useful link page.


Published all 4  issues of IPRS news letter in PDF format.


Put on line the German version of the first tentative programme of the Prague Congress


Put on line the English version of the first tentative programme of the Prague Congress


Added new menu for Praga 2006 with submenu for Registrations -Events – Competitions Rules and Hotel.


e-news letters are now been made available in pdf format, and are filed on the web-site. Already issued e-news will be also transformed in this format. Therefore a modification of the enews sub-menu has been introduced.


MilosCernilosky translates several messages for the classifications list and real time results.


Marco Olivo releases the feature for merging  Zav results in the data base, so having a general picture of the Internet competitions and near real-time results also for Zav competition.


Updated the Useful links page.


School registration form updated for the Czech language, thanks to the translation of Milos Cernilosky.


Made Internet competition menu as first seen on the web. The same will be done for the Prague Congress starting from September 2006


Updated the Statute texts, according to the modifications approved in Vienna.


e-news n. 13 is released. Pdf format of this enews is made available on the site.


Translations into Czech are updated by Milos Cernilosky


The number of visitors of the site in February 2006, was 1672


The number of visitors of the site from December 5th till December 31, was 1107


Olivo creates an upload feature for texts in a page reserved to CC members. This page is password protected.


Milos Cernilosky translates and puts on line the Czech version of the Intersteno Rules 2006


Marco Olivo prepares a new interface for classification lists of Internet competitions. Results of competitors using Java module are updated in real-time with general results also for mulilingual competitors


Trasfer of domain under is now completed. All e-mail addresses and e-mail lists will be updated by December 15th


The Rules for Internet competition 2006 are also on line in Turkish on


Rules of Internet 2006 competition are on line also for German Language in addition to English and French (put on line a the end of September). Italian version is available under


Updated hot news with new photos for Internet 2006 and Prague Congress (thanks to Danny Devriendt)


Milos Cernilosky checks and completes missing wordings of Czech menus.


Training exercises for all languages of Java module integrated in this site.


Access powers for editing contents and menus given to Milos Cernilosky. Danny Devriendt has also full access to contents management and news approval.


Marco Olivo releases for testint, the contents management features.


New menu for IPRS – submenus for the meeting in Vienna and visit to the Parliament. Speeches on the occasion of these events are also put on line.


Put on line all conferences texts and presentations of the Vienna Congress.


From Vienna, put on line a few photos of the Congress.


Put on line the new page of Useful Links.


Inserted page of Glossary from English into French – German and Italian.


Inserted and checked new form for submitting news to be published on Web and related management on the server for approval.

07- 08- 05

All menus up-dated for the Czech language and released. They are visible and automatically detected by browsers setted on Czech language.


Marco Olivo put on server the images taken from the cover of the Congress reports from 1957 on, when available.


At the date, there are 53 pages for this Web-site. All of them are in English with several translation in German and French.


Inserted menu text for Czech language. To be revised and checked. – They are not yet visible. Written to Cerniloski and Zaviacic for having translations of missing voices for menus. The text of the missing Czech menus are in English


Updated English translations.


Inserted forms for mail registration – Intersteno registration – mail with Jury President


Implemented data base for handling Czech language.


Added new menu for Glossary – inserted a temporary content to be updated.


Added information about the beginning of Intersteno. English and French versions. Updated the graphical aspect of these pages, with photos of Mr. Racine and Dr. Gutlzer. Info about Dr. Gutzler also in German, the remaining to be translated.


Inserted updated pages of Conferences and abstracts for Vienna Congress – in English and German when possible


Inserted page in English about the general info on Congresses


Inserted final translation of the main page in German (translation made by Eric Werner – Zurich) – On line the page ‘Join us’ in German.


On line the German version of the ‘Mission’ page – translation made by Christine Kuthe.


On line ‘FAQ’ on competitions in English


New page for Honorary Presidents in English – on line


enews letter n. 6 put on line


On line the French version of ‘IPRS’ page


 Put on line the German version of General competition page.


On line the French version of the ‘Mission’ page


a test in Chinese language (e-news 5 translated in China) is inserted in the e-news menu


enews letters from 1 to 5 have been put on line


put on line the French version of the general text about competition


put on line the final English version of the general text about competition


put on line the final version of the first page in English


completed the revision of the English page of Congresses


inserted the final menu wordings in French (translated by Gabrielle Fasnacht) and German (translated by Boris Neubauer)


inserted the rules and updated the page for Internet competition – sent to Jaroslav Zaviacic for confirmation and translation into German


defined the English text of the main page – sent to Peter Walkers for review


demonstrated the new web-site at the Board in Vienna.


10 pages in English are inserted for demo purposes in the layout. Menus are rougly translated into French and German.


Marco Olivo puts on line the first version with three languages (En-Fr-De) shown. The site is already equipped to handle 6 languages. The layout of the site has been suggested by Danny Devriendt


Temporaly assigned to accomodate data-based driven site for Intersteno (


Registration of the domain by Gian Paolo Trivulzio

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