Scientific Committee

One of the changes made possible by the new Constitution, adopted in Rome in July 2003 and finally approved in Prague 2007, was the creation of the Scientific Committee. This committee has to assist the Board in performing its tasks, as defined in article 16.2 of the new Constitution. The main tasks of the Committee are: 

  • to explore scientific and technological developments in the domains of activity of the Federation; 
  • to make proposals to the Board;
  • and setting up a programme for the General Conference together with the IPRS coordinator.

From July 2015, till the next Congress in 2017, the composition of this Committee is the following. In his capacity as chairman of the scientific committee, dr. Carlo Eugeni is also a member of the Board.


Eugeni Carlo, dr.



Disser Monika, dr.  Germany Orletti Franca, prof. Italy
Drake Linda  USA Qing Liao China
Han-Wook Kim South Korea Salinas Sergio  Argentina
Inoue Miyako Japan Sun Simon, prof. China
Kaneko Tsuguo, prof. Japan Voutilainen Eero, dr. Finland
Kawahara Tatsuya, prof. Japan Zaviacic Jaroslav Czech Republic
Le Masson Jean-Charles  France    

Please, find the documents produced by the Scientific Committee until 2014 here.

The programmes of the conferences organised by the scientific committee since its creation can be found below:
Wien 2005, Prague 2007, Beijing 2009, Paris 2011, Ghent 2013, Budapest 2015.

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