Quality is central to our lives. When we buy a car, when we choose a destination, when we go for an exhibition, or when looking for a restaurant the question of quality always plays a central role. However, if we were asked what quality is, each of us would have an idea of what quality usually different from the one of other people. Ideas diverge even more from language to language, from country to country, from tradition to tradition, from profession to profession, and so forth.

Call for Papers

So, what is quality? To try and regulate this apparently irresolvable issue, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines QUALITY as the “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements”, in which “requirements” are “needs and expectations”.

Call for Papers
Call for Papers

This means that quality of a given product is not considered as something theoretically pre-established, but rather as the satisfaction of the expressed expectations or unstated needs of the final users of that product. In its role as the only International Federation for Information and Communication Processing, Intersteno is in the process of adopting a worldwide set of competences, where the notion of quality is pivotal.

Call for Papers

To help Intersteno in this mission, the IPRS and the Scientific Committee are pleased to call for papers from both scholars and professionals for the General Conference to be held in Berlin on 25 July 2017. Because of the multiple theoretical and professional perspectives that will be gathered, the General Conference will be an extraordinary think tank, dealing with the following topics:

  • quality in parliamentary and court reporting, in summary reporting, and in live subtitling;
  • quality in spoken and written language, diamesic translation, discourse analysis;
  • quality in teaching reporting and in both live and prerecorded subtitling;
  • notions of quality, accuracy and authenticity;
  • trends in quality control;
  • quality in other related fields.



Send an abstract of about 1,000 characters by 31 March 2017
to and mark it “Abstract for Berlin 2017” in the subject line


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